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"voici votre bulletin de vote" (2009-01-28) / rennes (France)

based on a poster - made during the strikes in May 1968

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# 1  |  Edna  |  2012-05-21
With increased deieaminrtton, Jason set off with his brothers to find INCOME and defeat the evil NOWORK. And as he did, he remebered his own mother, how she had had to battle to find and keep work. How she had to struggle to keep that other evil tyrant, KING NOMONEY, at bay. Jason thanked God for what his mother's strength and deieaminrtton had taught him. And he would fight hard so that his children wouldn't have to do the same he was fighting to give them a future and a hope, and an expected end Praise God! Jason had the Power of the Blog and he would not give up without a fight, he would never give up, just like his Mum