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"Liberty" (2006-09-20) / buenos aires (Argentina)

This is just how I see US now.

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# 1  |  vique van hinten  |  2006-09-21
would be cool without overspray
# 2  |  CAM BsAs  |  2006-09-22
I don´t know why, but I like the overspray in the stencil. Everyone critisize me for my continuos overspraying. Maybe is because I´m new in this and when I get more experience I will hate it too. I don´t know.

Thank you for your comment!!!
# 3  |  vique van hinten  |  2006-09-26
and coold you please shortly explain why you see the us like this?
# 4  |  Cam BsAs  |  2006-10-03
Yes, of course.
Is not that I hate US. Most of my favorites musitians, writers and movie directors are americans.
I just hate Bush and what he represents, fasism, and everything his government is doing. I tought it was funny to re-significate the word ¨liberty¨ he like to use so much.
Actualy, if you really think of it, this is not my creation, is Bush creation.
# 5  |  Alejandro  |  2006-11-08
Hi! i´m from bs as, and i see your stencil... is great, congratulations, the meaning is so strong... this is the only one that you do...
bye and good luck
# 6  |  Cam BsAs  |  2006-11-14
Hola Alejandro, muchas gracias!!!
Hago otros también, podés ver algunos en ¡Un abrazo!
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