# 1  |  Chris  |  2012-10-15
sorry im going to answer this one too, alugtohh I am going to begin sounding redundant, and possibly a bit creepy because i am answering all your questions, but these are the best questions in this category and I can relate to them very well. first of all, for some reason i have never thought of letting the girl completely choose the activity, that is a good idea. i also don't ask too many girls out but the next time i do, i know my plan of action. hopefully she would would be thinking like you, because i'm not sure if I could handle the status quo first date. anything but dinner is good. even like you mentioned, a walk would be perfect you could be spontaneous, just take a walk and stop for ice cream or something on the way. but sometimes i hear that girls don't like it when a guy who asks them out doesn't have an idea of what to do on the date and it feels more difficult to ask a girl to go for a walk, hike, something active and outside as opposed to dinner. because there was this girl that i asked out a few weeks back, and i didn't want to go to dinner but i felt more nervous asking her to do something better. it seemed as if i was going to have to elaborate too much and all i wanted to do was ask and get it over with.you know what i mean?
# 2  |  Thiago  |  2012-10-18
neetiधन्यवाद निशान्त जी ! हम अवश्य त् रायि (try) करेन्गे !vishvanath ji , hamein chh' (chhata wala) or ta' (try wala) to mile nahin. iske alava bindu nahi milte.